A dominant force in the Montreal skinhead scene, The Prowlers stand and deliver when it comes to no-nonsense street rock-n-roll. The band formed in a practice local in October 1998. After only four months of practice, their first gig would take place at the Jailhouse on Jan. 25, 1999. A few gigs would follow, mostly in and around Montreal, but also across the east coast of North America.

From their first recording, (We're Taking Back The Pubs, 1999) to their 5-song MCD (Chaos in the City, 2003), the Prowlers have issued some rousing releases and toured extensively as far afield as Germany, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland under various lineup changes.

Now in 2010, Prowlers are back with a new line-up but the music remains the same. The Prowlers are an Oi! band and that will never change. They still remain inspired by most of the classic British Oi! bands that created the original spirit of rebellion in the early 80's, but are also inspired by contemporary bands such as Wretched Ones, Guttersnipe, Loikaemie and Bonecrusher. A larger influence on the band, and more important to them is where they come from, the city of Montreal and the legacy of great bands. It's their roots, and they are proud to continue to build on the groundwork of those that have come before. The Prowlers pay tribute to these bands of yesterday by including a cover of N.D.G by the Discords and Drunken Skinheads, a reworking of a classic shanty done by Gassenhauer, two of Montreal's first Oi! bands.


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