Lion City Skinheads, The Bois are passionate about their music. Their brand of melodic streetrock cuts above the rest with a SHARP-as-a-razor attitude and no-bones appraisal of the skinhead way of life that has appealed to a wide range of subculture fans worldwide.

The 5-piece outfit carved out their beginnings in 2001, first appearing on a local compilation, Oi! The Uprising. In 2003, they would release their now-classic first album, Cream of the Crops. Ten years on and The Bois have showed no signs of giving in. 2013 saw the band become the first Southeast Asian Oi! band to storm the shores of Europe. Insurgence is proud to be along for the ride as these Singaporean street soldiers storm the gates with a slew of new releases.

A message to the worldwide scene: To everyone who's been listening to The Bois, get ready to ruck again, 'cause they're bringing back the sounds of Lion City. This is EASTERN OI!

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