Just when you thought it was safe to head down to the local bar for a quiet pint, The Prowlers are back again! They never left! Bolstered by probably their strongest lineup to date, they serve up their latest offering on Insurgence. ON THE RUN comes to you in the 10" vinyl format. 7 tracks of Prowlers mayhem packaged with a pull-out photo and lyric sleeve.

There are very limited copies remaining of the first pressing, available only in the Insurgence shop until, well... they're gone.

The Insurgence repress version features Oxblood - in - Black vinyl. Our friends at Aggrobeat in Europe are issuing a Beer-coloured version, and our friends to the south at Longshot Music will be carrying 100 units on black vinyl.

FORMAT: 10" vinyl w/ printed innersleeve and download card

200 x white in black (Insurgence)
200 x grey and red splatter (Aggrobeat)
100 x black (Longshot)

200 x oxblood in black (Insurgence)
200 x beer (Aggrobeat)
100 x black (Longshot)



The Prowlers are an anti-fascist Oi! band from the streets of Montreal and have been around for over 15 years already. In those years these guys already had their fair share of releases, but it has been a while since we had a release with a proper tracklist on their own. But now it’s here in the form of a 10” titled “On The Run” that features seven songs and that is a co-production between Longshot Music, Aggrobeat and Insurgence Records.

As said, “On The Run” contains seven tracks, of which six are brand new own productions and the seventh track being a cover of “Oi! Against Racism” which is originally on Street Troopers’ record “Take The Battle To The Streets”. Every single track on this piece of wax is solid, powerful and brickwall Oi! music with raw vocals that sounds like a tribute to the classic Canadian Oi! bands as well as the classic British Oi! bands of the 80’s. Although the band’s stance is against racial prejudice, the lyrics on tracks like “One Life”, “End Of The Week”, “Fury Of Glory” and “Lost And Drunk” aren’t particularly political orientated as you would might expect and to be honest, why should they be? Exactly, it’s not per se necessary.

So, what do you do get are songs about life, friends, the weekend, hockey and boozing… the standard stuff? Well maybe, but if they’re well written, got the sing-a-long choruses in the right places and the sound is tight you won’t hear me complain, quite the contrary actually, because this is a damn good record that contains The Prowlers’ best stuff since their first, and only, full-length album “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”!

Every label has their own colored vinyl version that splits the total of 500 copies up in 200 copies of grey vinyl with red splatter (Aggrobeat), 200 copies of white in black vinyl (Insurgence Records) and 100 solid black copies for Longshot Music. So pick out your favorite color and get your order in, because this 10” is well worth your hard earned money!

American Oi!


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